Running 100% green (English)


A modern approach to sustainability and promotion

The idea behind Magraid is promoting and enhancing a land spared from human activities and industrialization. Since the very beginning, we have created this event with the highest level of respect, safeguard  and commitment, with an approach that can be summarised in one word: Green. The respect for the environment has always been at the core, together with the promotion of the territory, which is the reason why we decided to host the athletes directly within the race settings, so that they could appreciate its peculiarities and eat locally produced food.


Every single detail of Magraid takes the environmental impact into account, even the simple course planning, starting from the “I don’t throw my waste away” campaign, to the use of biocompatible materials and to the removal of every trace left by the athletes’ passage.

However, for the Magraid team, the “greenest” of all aspects is the possibility to propose a wild but fragile setting in a context in which humans appreciate the environmental characteristics rather than exploiting them.

Appreciate and communicate, respect and raise awareness, live for three days in symbiosis with the nature and the land, tasting its products: all this makes Magraid a tribute to nature and a declaration of sustainability. This land originates from the Friuli Dolomites, where the ice and snow covering the picks of the mountains flow downstream through small mountain streams and merge in the Cellina.

The Friuli Magredi are a Site of Community Importance, i.e. areas contributing significantly to the maintenance or restoration at a favourable conservation status of a natural habitat type or of a species.

The SCI “Magredi del Cellina” covers an area of 4372 hectares, including 7 Municipalities.

Aiming at preserving this natural environment, similar to the Pannonian steppe, precise safeguard provisions have been promulgated and an authorisation issued by the offices appointed by the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region or the Municipalities is required to access the area.