MAGRAID 2020 30Km – Regulation


Running in the Steppe partially food self-sufficient race

Hune 21st, 2020 – 9.30 a.m.

Rules & Regulations


Base Camp: Eurosporting , Cordenons -Viale del Benessere, 29 – 33084Cordenons/ PN

Magraid is dedicated to athletes that would like to try the experience to live and run inside the beautiful and fascinating enviroment of the Steppe.

Magraid is a race competition immersed in nature and separated from the rest of the world.

The natural environment where Magraid takes place is a Site of Community Importance (SCI) and partially a Special Protection Area: the environment protection is subject to specific rules issued by International Institutions.

The limited number of participants to the race is fixed to 200 athletes in order to guarantee the respect of the SCI and the Special Protection Area, and that is regulated accordingly to the order of registration to the competition.

Therefore, we kindly request participants to register as soon as possible in order to guarantee an efficient management of the race.


The “Magraid” event’s logo and the name “Magraid” are properties of A. S. D. TRIATHLON TEAM.

Any not expressly authorized use or copy of the symbol and/or logo is an illegal copyright usage and as such can be punished accordingly to the law.

This note has the purpose to inform you of the copyright rights and to contact the owner of these rights to ask in advance for permission to legitimately use any above mentioned image, name or logo.

General Rules

Definitions of Magraid and Magraider. Magraid is a race with a final men’s and women’s overall ranking.

Magraider is the athlete participating in this event.

The Magraider has the frame of mind to engage in a competition where participants live in tents, very close to their competitors, experiencing the everyday life at Base Camp.

The Magraider’s equipment aims to guarantee the athlete’s safety while competing for the race at their best as an expression of the concept of “Endurance”.

1. The Race is open to athletes of any nationality and of either sex. Participants must be 18 years or older on race day and must submit their Medical Certificate for Competitive Sports Activities with expiring date at least one day after the Race has been concluded. See Art. 2/h.

Entry Fee:

2. Entry fee is €20,00.
The deadline for the registration is May 31st, 2020 at 11 p.m. or when the fixed limited number of participant is reached (200 participants).
a) Entry fee includes race pack, technical and medical assistance, official refreshments points along the race route and post-race refreshments/pasta at Base Camp.
b) From each entry fee, €5,00 will be assigned to an ONLUS to be defined.
c) No entry fee will be refunded in case of Athlete’s drop-out or disqualification by the Race Officials or the Event Organizer.
d) Refund of entry fee: see Art. 41 of the Rules and Regulations
f) Event Organizer. Magraid is a Joint Venture funded by several Institutions and A.S.D. Triathlon Team, with a significant contribution by Local Bodies and Public Administrations.
g) Ranking. There will be only one men’s overall ranking and one women’s overall ranking.
h) Entry Requirements. To complete the registration process, participants MUST present a Medical Certificate for Competitive Sports Activities attesting the participant’s suitability to practice sports at a competitive level. The Medical Certificate must be valid at least until the day after the end of the competition. During the registration process, participants must declare that their ability to compete in sports activities for the year 2020 has been verified by a licensed medical doctor and that they are sufficiently trained to compete in Ultramarathons. WARNING**: CERTIFICATES BEARING THE WORDS “RACING”, “RUNNING”, “MARATHON”, ETC. SHALL NOT BE ACCEPTED. ONLY CERTIFICATES READING “VALID FOR ATHLETICS”
i) They also must declare under their own responsibility that they comply with the Italian regulations set forth in law n° 376/2000 (Anti Doping) as subsequently amended and supplemented.
j) The Event Organizer shall not be held civilly nor criminally liable for any physical occurrences to the Athletes before, during and after the Event.

3. The number of participants admitted to the race is limited to 200. Entries will be accepted accordingly to the first-come first-served rule. The Event Organizer has the right to use Wild Cards.

4. Check-ups carried out before the start of the competition:
i. Technical and Administrative Check-up. Upon check-in on Saturday, the Event Organizer will check proof of athletes’ suitable registration documents.

Event Schedule

Pre-race and post-race shuttle: from Pordenone Train and Bus Station to EUROSPORTING in Cordenons (Base Camp Magraid) round trip on request.

Price for the shuttle service (pre-race and post-race) is € 10,00. Shuttle service shall be reserved and paid contextually with the race registration.
Access on board is guaranteed only to those who have the special ticket.

6. Event Schedule. The event schedule is available at

Starting grid and Magredi area

7. Starting Grid. There will be just one starting grid for each stage of the race.

Athletes’ Private Sponsors.

8. Spaces for Athletes’ Private Sponsors. Individual sponsors may be freely chosen, provided that the race number is worn and in no way modified. Sponsors may submit a request to the Event Organizer, to use advertisement spaces near the start area or to organize marketing events in commodity sectors not covered by Event’s partners exclusive licensing.

30km Technical equipment

9. The soil on which the race will take place is much more demanding than it seems at a first glance especially because of its extreme variability, from dirt roads to moorland, from large gravel paths to pebble roads. We strongly suggest to check the Event’s official web site for any kind of information and news: the Event Organizer is available to arrange for a race route preview. The Event Organizer may modify and/or cancel any stage of the Race for security reasons, for adverse weather conditions or due to reasons not depending on the Event Organizer; in these cases the entry fee or part of it will not be refunded.

10. Post-race refreshment points/pasta at Base Camp kitchen.

11. For this 30km race the minimum mandatory technical equipment is:
a) a whistle;
b) four energy bars;
c) 1.5 litre of liquids in a Camel Back. Any liquid refreshments must be carried in personal containers (i.e. participant owned Camel Back and/or technical water bottles). Any other mean of transportation or package of liquids will not be admitted. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a time penalty of 60 minutes and the Event Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant.
d) A glass, a cup or a canteen in order to reduce the consumption of plastics at the refreshments points.
e) a mobile phone with the emergency numbers saved on it.
f) hat.

12. Recommended Equipment. Running shorts, a long/short sleeves t-shirt, sunglasses, bandana, rain jacket (see Art. 25), sunscreen, sunburn lotion, blister kit, spare socks also along the race route; insect repellent stick, tissues; compass, GPS device. The event Organizer advises not to underestimate these suggestions.

13. Spare running shoes. There is no limit to the number of spare shoes each athlete may use.

14. External Support. Supporters of any type may not bike, run ahead or alongside athletes nor pass unauthorized food, beverages of other items to athletes to avoid disqualification. Supporters may reach aid and refreshment points trough main roads (“strade comunali” or “strade provinciali”) without interfering with the race.
Supporters’ cars on Magredi’s sites will entail the athlete’s disqualification.
Warning: driving/parking cars on Magredi’s sites without a special authorization released by the Corpo Forestale of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia is forbidden and therefore will be punished accordingly to the law.

Check Points and Route Markings

15. Check Points. There will be several types of check-points along the race route: those with health and technical aids will be adequately pointed out and advised to athletes, some will be concealed and other will move along the race route.

16. Route Markings. Routes are marked through suitable signs, tapes, arrows, steady and flashing lights, small balloons as well as pointed out by race staff placed at critical and check points. The final route instructions will be given at the Athletes’ Briefing on Saturday.
Following the race route is crucial in order to respect the Magredi natural environment in which the race takes place. Athletes must follow the race route without any deviation from it in order to avoid disqualification.

17. THERE IS NO Road Book.

Health & Safety

18. Mutual Support. Following the plain spirit of a “Magraider”, each participant MUST help other athletes going through noticeable difficulties and inform the health and safety service as soon as possible.

19. Aid/Refreshment Points. Although the Magraid is a considered as a self-sufficient race, there will be water and food refreshment points along the race route and an aid point placed approximately at mid-way of the race route.

20. It is strictly forbidden to leave bottles, wraps or any other kind of objects on the race course in order to avoid disqualification. To avoid littering, athletes must use bins they will find at the above mentioned aid and refreshment points.

21. Medical First Aid. The medical first-aid is organized by the Pordenone Committee of Croce Rossa Italiana (Italian Red Cross), which will also manage the camp infirmary. The Race Doctor will be introduced at the Briefing.

22. Race Suspension by Health and Safety Director. Magraid is run under the continuous supervision of a Medical Staff, which, for health and safety reasons, may at any time stop runners that are judged unfit to continue the race.

23. Drop-outs. In case of a drop-out of the race, athletes must inform the first available check-point as soon as possible and the Race Director at Base Camp as well as return the race number.
Athletes who drop out will be excluded from the overall ranking.

24. Weather Conditions. Magraid is run in a place where nature is free and wild. Weather conditions in the season in which Magraid takes place should be favourable but adverse weather conditions may not be excluded. If this is the case, the Race Director reserves the right, under the control of the Authority for Public Safety, to make any changes to the race route or to stop the race or any of its stages. Under such circumstances, no refund of entry fee shall be made.

Timing – Ranking – Prizes

25. Timing Service. Timing will be tracked by an Official Timer MySDAM through MYLAPS® technology.
All athletes will be given a chip to carry in order to be tracked and ranked.
Warning: failure to use the chip or its incorrect use will entail the exclusion from the ranking and the non-attribution of the time performance.

26. Time Limit. The Event Organizer reserves the right to set up cut-off points for security reasons, but athletes will have enough time to complete the race. In order to complete Magraid within the time limits, athletes should not walk all the time: at least the first part of each stage must be run at a pace suitable to this aim. Time limits may vary according to weather forecast and soil conditions; at the briefing, the Event Organizer will announce the confirmation or modification of time limits.
If athletes fail to meet the time limit at a cut-off point, they will have to drop out of the stage and return to Base Camp using the pick-up service. They may take part to the following stage but will not participate to the overall ranking.
There will be a “pick-up service” following the last participant on the race route. It will collect participants in case of drop-out. In any case, athletes will be examined by the sanitary operator and accompanied to the nearest pick-up point.

27. Time Limit: 4h,30’

Cut-off points: average speed of 6 min/km.

Dalla Partenza
Al km 15Cantina I MAGREDI2 ore

28. Irregularities.
In case of equipment irregularities, unauthorized aids and refreshments, voluntary shortcuts or unsporting behaviour, the athlete may be excluded from the final rank or disqualified in case of grave misconduct.

29. Ranking and Prizes. No prize money will be awarded. Prizes will be awarded to the first 10 male and 10 female finishers.
There will be only one men’s and one women’s overall ranking.
The “Finisher” medal will be given only to those athletes who will complete each and every stage of the race within the time limit.
Prizes that have not been retrieved during the awards ceremony will not be distributed afterwards.

30. Race Pack. Athletes will be given a race pack containing technical equipment and/or any item that Event Sponsors may provide.
The race pack will also include the race number that must be worn by athletes and must be visible at all times during the race. Any modification to the race number may result in disqualification.
Race packs that have not been collected by athletes will not be distributed afterwards.

Privacy and Photos/Videos

31. Privacy and Image Rights.
Upon entry, participants authorize the Event Organizer to freely use any images depicting them for the duration of Magraid, whether still or in movement and with no territorial nor time limit.
For the entire duration of the Event, the Event Organizer will take pictures and make video recordings to be used, published or broadcast, together with few Magraider interviews. Athletes authorize the Event Organizer to take pictures and make films, to use, reproduce and spread images, names and personal information that athletes have given to the Organizer or have been made available or published by media (magazines, newspapers, Magraid DVD, web sites etc.). From now on, athletes agree to be filmed during the Magraid event, and authorize the Event Organizer to use and publish any recording with the methods and under the terms that may be deemed useful by the Organizer. Participants agree that no payment will be made for using, reproducing or spreading their images by the Event Organizer.

Logistics and Surveillance.

32. Route Surveillance.
Amateur radio operators from CB Maniago 27 and other volunteers will organize radio links and check-points to point out any irregularities that athletes may commit. It is forbidden to offend, insult, etc. radio operators, volunteers, etc. at any time along the route, at water and refreshing points, at base camp, etc. to avoid disqualification and ban from the race.

33. Parking. Near Eurosporting in Cordenons, the start of the race, there is an UNSUPERVISED public car park. The Event Organizer shall not be held liable for any damage, theft etc. to cars, motorcycle etc.

34. The Magredi’s area is off limits for any motor vehicle except for those used by the Event Organizer. It is strictly forbidden to enter the Magredi site by any kind of motor vehicle. Parking any kind of vehicle inside the Magredi site and along the race route (see Art. 15) is also strictly forbidden. Any irregularity that may occur will result in the athlete disqualification without the refund of the entry fee.

35. Accommodation at Base Camp and Board.
1. The Event Organizer will make toilets and showers of the facility Eurosporting available.
2. 2.It is forbidden to leave valuables unattended.
3. 3.In any case the Event Organizator shall not be held liable for any theft, loss or damage regarding athletes owned bags and their contents.

Race Officials and Race Direction

36. Race Officials. Race Officials will be presented on the event web site and introduced at Magraid first briefing.

37. Race Committee. The Race Committee is made up of:
Race Director: Antonio Iossa
Race Doctor: Race Doctor will be introduced at Magraid first briefing.
Safety and Security Director: Antonio Iossa
External Public Relations Manager: Luca Busiol
Athletes Public Relations Manager: Paolo Tedeschi

38. Race Direction.
At Base Camp: Eurosporting in Cordenons – Viale del Benessere, 29 – Cordenons/PN – 33084.

39. Rules and Regulations. By registering to the event, all athletes declare to have read and accepted the hereby Rules and Regulations, including the Privacy Policy.

40. Refund of entry fee:

a. entry fee is not refundable, except for extraordinary and previously agreed cases

b. entry fee may be transferred to another athlete by paying an administrative fee of €10,00 within June 5th, 2020

c. In case of race cancellation for unforeseen circumstances, within 15 days before the event starts, the Event Organizator reserves the right to refund 50% of the paid entry fee to the registered athlete. This percentage is justified by the various incurred expenses for that the Event Organizator cannot be refunded.

d. In case of race cancellation for adverse weather conditions or for any other unforeseen circumstance not depending from the Event Organization, no entry fee shall be refunded.
41. Race Course News: latest updates on Magraid routes conditions, plant blooming, course changes due to adverse weather conditions or floods, on-site training itineraries will be published on the Magraid official web site (

42. Amendments and Supplements. These Rules and Regulations may be amended or supplemented following organizational, technical or meteorological needs.

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