Every year many people ask us how much training you need to be to run Magraid. It seems strange but running Magraid is actually more feasible than you think, just because of the way it is structured and how it is possible to manage the pace of travel according to their possibilities.

The evolution of the world of Ultratrail, unlike the Ultramaratone, is particularly directed, rightly, to the activity essentially of mountain, where the races are disputed. Magraid in this sense is really atypical compared to the Ultratrails because it has neither the altitude nor the length of these types of races, the facts show how in practice it is challenging especially for the proper management, rather than for the performance in the sense absolute.

Each athlete is led to optimize in terms of lightness the equipment and supplies transported, this can be, however, a serious mistake in addressing Magraid and, consequently, specific training (in case they are done).

The type of terrain and the seemingly unimpressive climate have always proved to be more severe than the simple numerical representation can make us think, for this reason a very lively advice that we have given and continue to give, is to do at least some trainings in “race set-up”. So get used to running with the recommended and mandatory equipment, in the configuration that you will use, training in the plains, even on challenging terrain, possibly with some pitfall from the point of view of orientation, to force you to keep the attention in areas where it seems to always be in the same place, without benefiting from the characteristics easily identifiable in a trail in the mountains or in a marathon, with references that may be the succession of districts, countries or milestones.

This simple idea underlines how the intelligent management of the competition can be a valid help to succeed in bringing it to an end. Remind what your Magraid will be benefited from the tricks and the right strategy of competition rather than the simple search for the condition of form.

The summary is: Magraid rewards both the legs and the brain!