After the success of last year, the Military Race “Marauder” will be in the program of the side events of Magraid 2018. The second edition of this new competition format will take place on Sunday 17th June, start at 9.00.  The meeting will be at the base camp at Parareit in Cordenons (Pordenone).

Marauder is the first Military Race organized in Friuli Venezia Giulia region and takes place on the magredile ground, in an area that for decades has been dedicated to military exercises, both aerial and land. Marauder is an obstacle race on the 10+ km distance, non-competitive, which combines the classic criteria of the Mud Race, merging them with those of the Cosplay. Who runs is a Challenger, who chases is a Marauder. It’s a role-playing game, as we have well-defined roles. At the same time It remembers a “Mud” race, since a final classification is drawn up. Marauder, finally, is a “Cosplay”, providing a codified format for clothing. This race is ideal for fans of running, fitness, crossfit, softair and parkour!

Partners of the event include Boer Group, which has made many of the obstacles along the way, and the “ZombItalian Run”.


How to register for Marauder:

Online, from 14/02 to 14/04 € 35.00, at this link:

Online, from 15/04 to 30/05 € 50.00, at this link:

On site € 60.00, until places are sold out

Full lunch on request € 10.00 on the spot