Magraid is one of the few stage races in the Italian scene (and also in Europe), with departure and arrival from the Base Camp set up in Cordenons, at the Parareit. Since 15th to 17th June runners will live in a real village, populated by a “magraiders tribe”.

It’s a village because it’s an organized whole that is teeming with life and social relations, and It’s tribal because the sense of belonging is fundamental in a group of sportsmen, united by a goal that is lived moment by moment: run Magraid. This common intent, both for those who run and those who aim to make the experience of Magraid increasingly fascinating and exciting, is the spirit that will be breathed at the base camp.

It is something that goes beyond the purely technical and competitive part of Magraid, it is not the simple ultratrail that is used to bring home a chronometric performance or a good result. Also this year our ultratrail in the Magredi area will have this peculiarity, and it is precisely on this aspect that we insist on suggesting the attitude to approach this competition.

Magraid is not just a three-day race: it’s an emotion, a journey, a three-day experience of life immersed in nature, in a Site of community importance (Sic), isolated from the world, but at the same time very close to an anthropized and productive environment.