The curtain falls on the 11th edition of Magraid, the stage race in the steppe of the Magredi friulani organized by the A.s.d. Triathlon Team Pezzutti, with the collaboration of the Cordenons Podisti. A three-day trip in a unique natural setting in Europe, classified as a Site of Community Importance by the European Union. At Cordenons Parareit Base Camp, in this hot weekend, 150 runners gathered from all over Italy and from abroad (England and Germany), who shared an experience hardly found in other running races, running the ultramarathon 100 Km divided into three stages of 20, 55 and 25 kilometers.

Today took place the last and decisive 25 km stage called “Risorgive”: a thrilling final because the first two classified after two days, both among men and women, were divided by minimum gaps. In the end, Ivan Zufferli from Udine,  a policeman based in Gorizia who had already won the 100 kilometers twice. Ivan won the stage in 2:03:04 (total time 8:46:50), preceding Fausto Dino Lenarduzzi (2:09:10) of San Giorgio della Richinvelda and the Venetian Stefano Marcello Burlon (2:17:03) . Burlon has ousted from the second place on the podium Gianluca Pietra (Pavia), finishing with a total time of 9:12:41. Pietra had always preceded him in the standings and was satisfied with the 3rd place in the general (9:13:46).

As for women, from the very first day Paola Floretti from Udine laid down the law, in an exciting challenge with the reigning champion Lorena Piastra, who eventually had to hand over the scepter to Floretti, who concluded in 2:24 : 40 (2:51:25 the time trial of the runner from Perugia). Third place of the day for Paola Giuliani, originally from Spoltore (2:55:05). Floretti won the 100 km with the total time of 9:49:08, about 30 minutes the Piastra, more detached Giuliani. During the awards ceremony the mayor of Cordenons, Andrea Delle Vedove, also spoke.

Magraid 2018 thus goes into the archive, confirming its uniqueness, at the end of three days of true competition and the discovery of a fascinating territory to be protected, like that of the Magredi del Cellina-Meduna.

We would like to congratulate and thank all the participants of the 100 kilometers in stages, from the first to the last, and all those who took part in the other events of the program of the event.

A huge THANK YOU, finally, to all the people who with their commitment have contributed to the realization of Magraid.