Registration for Magraid 2018 100 Km stage race starts in a week, on 14th February! It’s the 11th edition of this unique event that take place in the north east of Italy, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
You can sign up online, fill in the form in the home page and pay with credit card. The registration will be automatically recorded. The registration deadline is 30th May 2018 or when the number of 180 participants is reached. The maximum number of athlethes admitted is 180. Admittance is on a first-come first-served basis.

The entry fee is € 135,00 and includes race pack, technical and medical assistance, official refreshments points along the race route, race stage bus transfer, accommodation in tents to share with other runners set up at base camp, board at Base Camp serving high quality meals cooked on the spot. The entry fee for former participants is € 105,00.

The 3-days long race Magraid takes place in this particular and fascinating landscape. It’s a 3 stages-race with overnight stay in a base camp located at “Parareit”, in the Municipality of Cordenons (Pordenone). Magredi (10.097,12 hectares) are a kind of nature unique in the world, marked by steppe, sandy desert, dry riverbed, small streams, stones and pebbles (called “claps” in local speaking). Rare and typical plants, flowers and animals have lived in Magredi for centuries. The south borders of this territory are marked by “risorgive”, a linear area where water, falling down from near mountains and flowing underground to valley, come back on ground surface creating springs and rivers. The Magredi area is protected and registered as site of European interest: respect for territory and its nature is requested by specific EU laws.

There also two side-events, two non competitive races: “Magrave” and “Marauder”.
Magrave is a run, a foot march, a walk in the Magredi steppe, a stony area located between the Cellina and the Meduna rivers and locally called “Grave”. “Grave” could be translated in English as “gravel”, which clearly describes the feature of the land. It will take place on Saturday, at 6.00 p.m. You can sign up on site, before the start.
Marauder, instead, will take place on Sunday morning. It’s a 10km non-competitive Military Race. This was a new addiction to the “Magraid” last year program and it received a positive response. Men and women compete for the victory through a hard obstacle course. It’s the perfect race for people that love running, fitness, cross fit, soft air and parkour! You can sign up for Marauder online, fill in the form in the home page and pay with credit card.


– Marauder options:


From 14\02 to 14\04: € 35,00
From 15\04 to 30\05: € 50,00
Registration on site, Sunday morning: € 60,00
Lunch € 10,00