“Steppa” “Grave” “Risorgive” These are the names of the three Magraid stages.

Soil Conditions. The soil on which the race will take place is much more demanding than it seems at a first glance especially because of its extreme variability, from dirt roads to moorland, from large gravel paths to pebble roads. We strongly suggest to check the Event’s official web site for any kind of information and news: the Event Organizer is available to arrange for a race route preview. The Event Organizer may modify and/or cancel any stage of the Race for security reasons, for adverse weather conditions or due to reasons not depending on the Event Organizer; in these cases the entry fee or part of it will not be refunded.
Route: three stages for a total of 100 km. Magraid is divided into three stages: 1st stage -20 km: “Steppa”. 2nd stage – 55 Km marathon: “Grave”. 3rd stage – 25 Km: “Risorgive”. After-race refreshment at base camp kitchen.

After 1st stage only: AFTER-RACE REFRESHMENT at base camp kitchen. NO DINNER AFTER THE STAGE

First stage: “Steppa”. The first stage is about 20 km long. Following minimum equipment is mandatory for this stage: a headlamp with spare batteries, a thermal blanket, a whistle, a mobile phone with emergency numbers saved on it. We recommend a smartphone with WhatsApp installed on it. The use of a Camel Back is required.

Second and third stages “Grave” and “Risorgive”. For any athlete who will take part to the 2nd stage55 Km marathon, named “Grave”, and the 3rd stage 25 km, named “Risorgive”, following minimum technical equipment is mandatory: A. a headlamp with spare batteries, B. a thermal blanket, C. a whistle, D. 4 energy bars, E. at least 1.5 litre of liquids  in a Camel Back, F. a mobile phone with the emergency numbers saved on it. A smartphone with WhatsApp installed on it is recommended. G. Road Book, see Art. 18; H. suitable running shoes (at least A2 o higher level running shoes), I. running shorts, Any liquid refreshments must be carried in personal containers (i.e. participant owned Camel Back and/or technical water bottles).
Any other mean of transportation or package of liquids will not be admitted. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a time penalty of 60 minutes and the Event Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the participant.

Recommended Equipment: Sunglasses, a hat, a long/short sleeves t-shirt, bandana, rain jacket (see Art. 25), sunscreen, sunburn lotion, blister kit, spare socks also along the race route, especially during the marathon stage; insect repellent stick, tissues; compass, GPS device. The event Organizer advises not to underestimate these suggestions. 14. Spare running shoes. There is no limit to the number of spare shoes each athlete may use. 15. External Support. Supporters of any type may not bike, run ahead or alongside athletes nor pass unauthorized food, beverages of other items to athletes to avoid disqualification. Supporters may reach aid and refreshment points trough main roads (“strade comunali” or “strade provinciali”) without interfering with the race. Supporters’ cars on Magredi’s sites will entail the athlete’s disqualification. Warning: driving/parking cars on Magredi’s sites without a special authorization released by the Corpo Forestale of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia is forbidden and therefore will be punished accordingly to the law.