Every year a lot of people ask us how to prepare Magraid 100 Km stage race adequately, which equipment to use, which strategy to adopt, on which surfaces it is recommended to train. For this reason for years now, the Magraid board have chosen some “tutors” among the magraiders who have more experience and knowledge of the pitfalls of a race that can put a strain on even the more experienced runners. All aspiring magraiders can contact them privately via Facebook, to ask them for informations and advices about the 100 Km Magraid’s stage race (equipments, race strategy, training etc.). And, why not, there’s also the possibility to organize some group workouts/runs.  All the tutors have a profile on this social network, so write to them via Facebook Messenger. For those who do not have Facebook, they can contact us by phone or write to us via email to get their references.
The tutors are located in different regions of Italy, so we suggest you contact the person closest to you.

If you’re still a magraider and you enjoyed the experience, you can propose yourself to become a Magraid’s “Tutor”, in Italy and abroad! We want to expand tutors network and we need your help!

Contatc us on Facebook or send an e-mail to info@magraid.it.


→ Magraid’s Tutors list:


– Gionata Cedrola (Puglia)
– Andrea Di Cocco (Lazio)
– Vero Fazio (Lazio)
– Davide Fabretti (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenone)
– Paola Mariotti (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Pordenone)
– Alberto Mereghetti (Lombardia)
– Tommaso Palo (Campania)
– Fabio Patragnoni (Piemonte)
– Lorena Piastra (Umbria)
– Antonio Filippo Salaris (Sardegna)
– Ivan Zufferli (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Udine, Trieste e Gorizia)