Dear Magraiders,

the particular state of emergency linked to the spread of the COVID-19 virus is paralyzing our entire nation and unfortunately causing many victims.

As organizers of an event such as MAGRAID, in agreement with local authorities, we have carefully examined the evolution of the pandemic and unfortunately we have found that the same municipalities in the province of Pordenone have been affected by this terrible virus.

Lacking certainties about the evolution of the situation in the near future but nonetheless strongly nurturing the hope that this painful moment will pass quickly, we have however decided to cancel the MAGRAID 2020 edition scheduled for June 19-21. Fees will be refunded to all members, less expenses.

We wish you all and your loved ones to overcome this moment and serenely resume your life. On this occasion, allow us to thank you all: you athletes, the protagonists of MAGRAID, the sponsors thanks to which the event can be held, the volunteers who are precious, indisputable and fundamental collaborators and, last but not least, the Municipal and Regional Administrations , always by our side.

See you on June 18-20, 2021!

Antonio, Samanta, Luca, Paolo, Salvatore, Sara, Mariagrazia, Domenico, Chiara.



A.S.D. Triathlon Team

“L’unione è la mia forza”