The curtain has fallen on the 10th edition of “Magraid”, the stage race organized by A.S.D. Triathlon Team Pezzutti of Pordenone. The natural environment where the race takes place is called “Magredi”: the friulian steppa is recognized as a SCI (Site of Community Importance) and partially a SPA (Special Protection Area), identifications which mark its speciality. More the 150 runners have stand for three hot days in the base camp at Parareit (Cordenons, PN, Italy): among them, a group of foreign sport magazines journalists and bloggers. Their stay has been organized thanks to the collaboration between Promo Turismo FVG and “Soul running”, sport magazine and media partner of the event.

Yesterday the last 25km-stage of the 100km-ultramarathom, named “Risorgive” [ndr: means “water spring”], happened. The winner was Gabriele Orlando, born in San Daniele, Friuli Venezia Giulia, member of “Atletica Buja”, in 1h 50′ 53’’. With a 9 minutes delay, the famous runner Giorgio Calcaterra (1h 59′ 7′)’ and Claudio Cettolo of “U.S. Quercia Trentingrana” team (1h 59′ 58’’) arrived.

The ultra-marathoner Giorgio Calcaterra – at his first participation at “Magraid” – also gained the run 10^ edition highest step of the podium, completing the 100km in 7h 49′ 24’’. His victory was  expected since the first stage on Friday evening. Second place of the 100km-race went to Gabriele Orlando (8h 9′ 40’’): he competed for the gold medal till the end with Giorgio Calcaterra, crossing the finish line with just a 15 minutes delay. Despite a recent injury, Ivan Zufferli – winner of the 2016 edition – gained the third place in (8h 56′ 53’’).

About the female placement, the runner and blogger Carlotta Montanera of “Icarus-Sky Sport” Team (“C.U.S. Torino” member) won the third stage in 2h 29′ 44”. She also stepped to the podium after the two previous stages. Behind her the favorite, Lorena Piastra, followed by Silvia Del Bianco – both from Perugia, Italy. So Lorena Piastra gained the top step of the female “Magraid” podium for the second consecutive year – she also won the 2016 race – in 10h 00’ 47’’. Second place went to Carlotta Montanera in 10h 37′ 7’’ – at her first run at “Magraid” – and third time belongs to Silvia Del Bianco (10h 38′ 46’’).

During the morning, also the first edition of the 10km non-competitive Military Race – the “Marauder” – took place. This was a new addiction to the “Magraid” program and it received a positive response. Men and women competed for the victory a hard obstacle course all along. Dario Nadal of “TriTeam Pezzutti” team (1h 2′ 27”) and Marta Elena Luminita (1h 22′ 43’’) have been crowned winners. Piero Toffoli, instead, is the 1st “Marauder”.