This morning took place in Pordenone, at Palazzo Montereale Mantica, the closing event of the 11th edition of Magraid, the 100 km stage race in the steppe of the Magredi friulani (15-17 June), with Campo Base in the locality Parareit in Cordenons. The meeting was organized by the A.s.d. Team Pezzutti Triathlon, with the collaboration of the CCIAA of Pordenone and Pordenone with Love. It was a useful moment to take stock of the event and to thank the sponsors, partners and the many employees of the event.

The president of the association of Pordenone Antonio Iossa has anticipated, without wanting to go into detail, what will be a real revolution in the 2019 edition of Magraid. The idea is to transform the traditional 100 km stage race, in a race in line on the same distance, a sort of Magraid “Night & Day”, starting at night and arriving in the sunlight. The project will be developed by the Magraid team in the coming months, but already from now on a renewed interest is expected for this event that takes place in a protected natural environment, the Magredi.

On this occasion, moreover, there was talk of solidarity, in reference to the “Charity Magraid” project, whose proceeds this year were donated to the Pordenone section of the ASLA Onlus (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association). The organizers have delivered the symbolic € 1,000 check to Aurelio Roveredo, representing the president of the association founded in 2011, his son Michele Roveredo.

During the event two involving films made by Rai Sport and Sky Sport dedicated to Magraid 2018 were shown, broadcast between May and July. In addition, it was possible to listen again to an excerpt of the radio spots broadcast on Radio Deejay before the event, in the following rubrics of the morning by the Trio Medusa.

The regional councilor Christian Vaccher intervened and greeted also the regional councilor for Sport Tiziana Gibelli, the Pordenone sports councilor Walter De Bortoli, the president of the Artisan Union of Pordenone and the Sole Director of Concentro Silvano Pascolo and the major Massimo Grizzo (132 ^ Armored Brigade “Aries”).

At the end, toast offered by the winery I Magredi (Domanins), sponsor of the event for 10 editions.