In addition to the 100 kilometers in stages, the Magraid program presents many other side events. One of these is the Military Race “Marauder”, which will take place on Sunday, June 17th starting at 9.00, with a meeting at the Base Camp in Cordenons, in the Parareit area.
The participants will compete in a terrain that for decades has been the territory dedicated to military exercises, both aerial and ground, within the magredile site.It is an obstacle course contest on the 10+ km distance, which combines the classic criteria of the Mud Race, merging them with those of the Cosplay. Who runs is a Challenger, who chases is a Marauder.The term “Marauder” in Italian does not express a univocal concept, translatable with a single word, but indicates a person or a group of people who, in the context of military operations, infiltrate the enemy lines to sabotage them, focusing on the surprise factor and on the speed of the action.


→ Registration to Marauder:

– Online, up to 30th May, € 50.00

– On site € 60.00 (subject to availability of seats)